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We believe in a updated nordic architecture - sensitive to environmental stimuli and adaptive to the social life in and around it.

Esben Bala Skouboe

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About us


We believe in responsive environments

Electrotexture is based in Holstebro, Denmark, and since 2007 we’ve specialized in the development of complex architectural structures and their interplay with sensor based technologies. At Electrotexture we believe that the quality of design objects, at all scales, will improve if they’re capable of responding to their surrounding context and therefore we focus on the utilization and development of new technologies as well as on applying computer based design tools in order to obtain a high level of control and flexibility in both the design, fabrication and construction phase. The skills and expertise at Electrotexture span the fields of computational design, responsive architecture, and sensor based technologies.


Our Services

What we really can provide

What we can do for you

ELECTROTEXTURE LAB. practice a materializing culture with the aesthetic experience of space and place as the driver for design development. New opportunities for increased sensorial and geometrical complexity of the built environment arise within the conditions of the market through industrialized production by means of responsive lighting, robotics and complex geometries. The ambition of the studio is to bring back the quality of craftsmanship through integration of digital design and fabrication technology into the design process from the very first sketches.

The design team has substantial experience from both practice and research from architectural application of computational design strategies and utilization of resposnive lighting to the production of large scale art installations in public spaces. Electrotextures large network and close collaboration between  designers, engineers and artists enables us to bring cross-media projects within time and budget restraints.

We do not offer services as products, but strong  innovative alliances between creative forces.


What can we bring to the rooms

  • We believe and practice a site sensitive lighting that the users needs and desires and mood – a new responsive lighting.
  • We do light simulations and solutions.
  • We design responsive light solutions for city squares, buildings and rooms, with supreme performance
  • We do innovation.


What can we do for your city?

  • Responsive sculptures and lamps
  • Responsive water fountains.
  • Responsive Public art.



  • We believe in a strong relationship between research and practice and we teach in the field of art, engineering and research. Our research is published and shared at international conferences and in journals.
Red Pavillion


Parametric Design

Parametric Design

Electrotexture Lab. has through the last 10 years been involved in the digital revolution of the architectural drawing, through this time we have been pushing our skills in the academic context, here we have won the Partnes Foundation price for good and innovative architectural practice and as students made the winning proposal for the pavilion: NoRA displayed on the 10th Architectural Bianale in Venice 2006.

We have delivered several international peer-reviewed publications on the topic of performance based models and carried our a series of workshops focused on parametric design from the concrete CNC-manufacturing process to the abstract topic of site specific design systems.

Now is the time to offer architects and engineers our competencies and we are searching for strong alliances in the domain of public space and building design.

We master following software packages:

  • Rhino/grasshopper
  • 3d Studio
  • Maya
  • Real flow

In order to share our knowledge we do invited talks, courses on parametric design and consultancy jobs, but most of all we are interested in collaborative projects.



interactive art


Electrotexture Lab. has developed a series of responsive public art installations with various artists from scientists, technologists to musicians and painters. The art installations has been show in places, such as pubic atrums,  limestone mines and gallery spaces such as the Utzon Center. Some of the work can be seen at the web page: Perceptual Ecologies

Through the installations we have observed how responsive art afford a new type of creative city life, this domain we intend to explore further.

We do custom responsive art installations in galleries, in public spaces and in private domains, further we do lectures and workshops about responsive art at Universities and in art schools.



Research and Teaching

The fundament of Electrotexture is grounded passion to create and explore new trajectories, never seen before and push skills and knowledge to our limits. Until now we have only been working in an academic domain, offering a series of workshops: System Thinking, Join Waste, Environmental Response, Social Technologies etc.

These teaching activites has also been alined with a series of research activities in the field of Responsive lighting, Parametic design and adaptive art, see a list of publications below.

We are a research active practice that do workshops and research collaborations.

List of publications:

2014 Skouboe E.B.(2014) Responsive public lighting, PhD., Aalborg University, Denmark

2014 Poulsen E.B. & Overholt, D (2014) Perceptual ecologies: MINE. Book chapter: Worldmaining as Techné: Exploring Worlds of Participatory Art, Architecture, and Music. 2013. Status In press

2013 Skouboe E.B. Morrison A., Andersen H.J. Jensen O.B. (2013) Responsive Lighting: “The city becomes alive”, ACM HCI Conference, Münich

2013 Poulsen E.S., Andersen H.J. & Jensen O.B. (2013) Responsive City Lighting: Perspectives From Architecture & the Public Lighting Industry, Workshop paper at CHI2013 Paris: Interactive City Lighting workshop; Paris

2012 Poulsen E.S., Andersen H.J., Jensen O.B., Gade R., Thyrrestrup T. & Moeslund T.B.; (2012) Controlling Urban Lighting by Human Motion Patterns results from a full Scale Experiment. ACM Multimedia 2012 . 20. udg. Nara, 2012. s. 339.

2012 Poulsen, E.S., Andersen H.J. & Jensen, O.B. Workshop on Designing Interactive Lighting. (2012) Full Scale Experiment with Interactive Urban Lighting.  DIS: Designing Interactive Systems.

2012 Poulsen E.S. & Andersen H.J.(2012) Reactive Light Design in the ‘laboratory of the street’, Synthetic Digital Ecologies, ACADIA 2012. Vol. 32 1. udg. 2012, 2012. s. 333-342.

2012 Poulsen E.S. Andersen H.J., Gade R. ; Jensen O., Moeslund, T.B. (2012) Using Human Motion Intensity as Input for Urban Design. Constructing Ambient Intelligence. Vol. 277 Amsterdam :Springer. (Communications in Computer and Information Science).

2012 Poulsen E.S., Andersen H.J., Jensen O.B. & Jensen MB. (2012) A case study of Mediated Urban Architecture: Red Pavilion 2010; Urban Design Book. Aalborg Press, Denmark

2012 Poulsen E.S.(2012) Eksperiment i tilpasningsdygtig pladsbelysning. in Journal: Lys. 2012. s. 18- 19.

2012 Poulsen E.S.
 (2012) Responsive Urban Lighting. in Media Architecture Biennale Exhibition catalogue. red. Gernot Tscherteu; Morten Constantin Lervig; Martin Brynskov. Media Architecture Institute, Sydney, Vienna, Århus.

2014 Gade, R., Moeslund T.B., Nielsen S.Z.· Petersen H.S., Andersen H.J. Basselbjerg K., Dam H.T. Jensen O.B., Jørgensen A., Lahrmann H., Madsen TKO. Poulsen E.S., Povey B.Ø., Tsesmelis T.(2014) Thermal Imaging Systems for Real-Time Applications in Smart Cities Journal of Real‐Time Image Processing: Special Issue on Real‐Time Computer Vision in Smart Cities, Springer

2012 Worre I.W., Pasold, A, Jensen M.B. & Poulsen E.S. (2012) Acoustic Environments: Applying Evolutionary Algorithms for Sound based Morphogenesis. In: Shade Architecture. Van Uffelen

2010 Worre I.F., Kirkegaard P.H., Christensen JT., Mads B.J., Poulsen E.S. (2010) Shape Control of Responsive Building Envelopes. I: Proceedings of International Symposium of the InternationalAssociation for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS): Spatial Structures – temporary and permanent: Shanghai, China, November 8-12 2010. Shanghai: China Architecture & Building Press, 2010. s. 2602-2609.

2010 Worre I.W. & Poulsen E.S. (2010) Environmental Feedback and Spatial Conditioning. (2010) In: ACADIA 2010 Life In:Formation: On Responsive Information and Variations in Architecture. 1st. udg. 2010. s. 250-257.

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Electrotexture Lab. is located in the back-house of a old charming Villa in the center of Holstebro, Denmark.

  • Nygade 7, 7500 Holstebro
  • +45 40 47 73 74
  • 08 AM - 05 PM
  • info@electrotexture.org



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